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November 14, 2013
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PMA Seth Application by Novaling PMA Seth Application by Novaling

EDIT 1: Added Personality!

My new oc for :iconpokemon-amie:
Yes I had a mew, no I am no longer going to use her. She's been moved to my scraps. After much deliberating I realized I didn't want a legendary pokemon and I wanted to practice my male anatomy. I've always loved blitzle so here he is c: I'm already very fond of him so I know role-playing with him will make my PMA experience all the more sweeter >D

Bio to come, just getting some more group stuff done. I want this group to open soon *shakes fist*

Turns out I can't make my written app nicely formatter because dA can't seem to get their act together when it comes to making the codes functional! ajdakshdjkahdaj



Pokemon// #522 Blitzle
Nickname// Formerly known as Blitz, Changed to Seth when he got a hold of the dittech
Gender// Male 
Birthdate// December 17th
Current Age// 26 Years Old
Orientation// Heterosexual; however, he does not shy away from male affection. He's pretty open with both genders but would rather have a serious {sexual } relationship with a woman. 


Father// Jedikiah | Typhlosion | Inherited Double Edge
Mother// Fizzit | Zebstrika 
Siblings// Unknown

Romantic Partner// Open
Offspring// N/A

Pokemon Stats//

Faction// Ex-Gang Ursa, Currently Gang Frou
Current Level// 34
Nature// Bold (+ Defense, - Attack)
--------------- Double Edge // A reckless, life-risking tackle. This also damages the user quite a lot.
--------------- Flame Charge // Cloaking itself in flame, the user attacks. Then, building up more power, the user raises its Speed stat.
--------------- Shock Wave // The user strikes everything around it by letting loose a flare of electricity. This may also cause paralysis.
--------------- Thunder // A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the target to inflict damage. This may also leave the target with paralysis. (™)

Battle Stats//

Attack // ***
Defense // *****
Speed // **
Sp. Attack // **
Sp. Defense // ****

Residence// As a pokemon he usually wanders and sleeps wherever he may lay his head. Although most times he can be seen frequenting the routes near lumoise city.

PokeHuman Stats//

Occupation// Part-Time Host at a Restaurant in Lumoise city, Part-time Bell boy at the CouMarine City Inn.
Town Residence// He has an apartment in Lumoise City near the center tower. His apartment sits atop one of the many tea shops. 

Face; Seth has a strong jaw line where a nicely shaven goatee sits just under his bottom lip. Like his goatee the base color of most of his hair is a very dark gray, almost black. In the center of his short cropped, messy due he has a white mohawk that goes all the way down to the base of his neck. He has a decent sized nose that sits between two crystal blue eyes. He has a crooked grin that he flashes often. At his jaw line he sports the beginning of some burns that etch a large part of his body.

Build; Seth is quite muscular which can be seen easily at first glance. His arms are nicely built with muscle tone as well as his pecks stomach and the remainder of his body. He stands at a height of 6 foot 2 inches and is nicely proportioned body with masculine features.

Fashion; The young blitzle enjoys sporting cool urban clothing. Loose shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, casual torn jeans, combat boots, these are the key points of fashion he enjoys. He's not too flashy just very laid back in attire. During work he wears either uniform happily but once he's able to clock out he quickly exchanges his work clothing for his own. No matter what form he takes he always keeps his pokeball necklace wrapped around his arm for sentimental reasons. He won't easily exchange why he carries the pokeball but only the closest of his friends no why.

Notes; Starting from the middle of his left shoulder blade, sprouting angrily along his back, shoulder, neck, and arm is a terrible burn he received a few years back. The burn has left his left arm only 30% functional on a good day. He can perform a lot of his major tasks but has to rely a lot on his right arm. His left hand lacks a lot of pressure and he sometimes has a hard time gripping door handles, or small things of that nature. On his not-so-good days his arm usually hangs at his side and he tucks his hand in his pocket. He tries to allow his disability show but its a bit noticeable. 



Seth is the type to take quickly to adventure and intrigue. It does not take much convincing to get him to do something others probably would think twice about doing. He feels like he must live life to it's fullest, especially when there's some personal gain involved. Some may call him reckless while others simply argue he's trying to find his way in life; perhaps living instead of merely existing. Seth believes that sometimes reckless decisions are to be made potentially for the betterment of other's lives. Even if the gain outweighs the need. He also plays the role of a cocky individual, a role he pulls off quite well. He'll flex his muscles for any female passerby and walks with an air of arrogance. This proves to be a very effective intimidation tactic, finding others won't approach because of his self-centered mannerisms. And the bold ones that do approach can expect to be in the presence of a real jackass. Seth will say the rudest, sarcastic statements but he has so much charisma that people continue to flock towards him. His rude sayings and observations of others usually produce laughter and the rare occasion, when he more times than not, when his humor isn't taken openly and he gets into brawls here and there. He also enjoys flirting which can be observed obviously by his arrogant nature.

One good thing that can be said about Seth though is he remains loyal to the close relationships, or lack there of, around him.  Regardless of someone being wrong or right in their decisions Seth will back them up completely, and then scold them later for being stupid. He's definitely blunt and barely ever sugar-coats his feelings or observations. The day he 'beats around the bush' is the day he's found the potential love of his life. Seth, when in public, always has a stupid grin on his face. Aside from his very cocky exterior Seth is always chipper and a frown on his face is very hard to come by. Even in a fowl mood he'll always fashion a grin to his face.

Seth seems pretty straightforward when personality is concerned. He's just a cocky bastard who finds demeaning others an enjoyable and a fun pass time, but that's very far from the truth. Seth is a rather complicated fellow, not that many {if any} will ever come across this side of him. In truth his asshole behavior is a defense mechanism. His very blunt, outward remarks keep others from getting close, he feels deep down he doesn't deserve anyone better than what his rude nature can bring him. Seth blames himself for the actions of his trainer so he looks down on himself quietly. For this reason he hates being alone, because it is in that time his true feelings catch up to him. That is why Seth thirsts for attention and company of others, and regardless of what is assumed it's not because he seeks praise and attention for his good looks. The extreme arrogance he shows is a way to help convince himself that he does not need the aid of others nor their love and dedication. But in reality he craves stability deeply. He may choose the stupid thing to do, but inside he'd rather do the 'Good guy thing', but the facade he puts on daily won't allow him to. On rare occasions his self-hatred bubbles over and he goes into an irritable rage. During these times, even if he'd desperately not want to, he distances himself from others. It's not because he's afraid of hurting feelings, he's afraid others may question him.

There is goodness in him somewhere, genuine happy-go-lucky goodness, but it's been long dormant after being left behind by his trainer.


Seth, or rather Blitz at the time, was born in a daycare as an accidental egg between two unlikely pokemon parents, Jedekiah a Typhlosion and Fizzit a Zebstrika. These two pokemon where each placed by their trainers in the daycare in hopes both would raise in level but instead a spark of affection grew. Both trainers frequented the daycare establishment and it became sort of a tradition in dropping off their favored pokemon. This only allowed both pokemon to grow attached to one another, absence of each other only making their bond grow stronger. In time Fizzit became heavy with an egg, and the both were ecstatic. Unfortunately the reality was they would be separated once more when their trainers arrived. Their unborn child would only be able to go with one parent, if it was lucky. Her egg was laid and together both new parents awaited either trainer's return. When Fizzit's trainer returned he was more than disgruntled and refused to take the egg from the front desk attendee. Fizzit was forced to leave her unhatched child. Saddened, the attendee wrapped the egg in a blanket and awaited the return of the Jedekiah's trainer. The young girl who came for the typhlosion was hesitant at taking the egg, but an idea quickly sprouted in her mind and she took it. The moment was bittersweet for Jedikiah. He knew he would now never see his beloved Fizzit again after the little incident but at least he'd have his child around. Or so he thought.

The egg was given to the trainer's younger brother on his 15th birthday. His name was Caleb. Caleb took the egg excitedly, hoping quietly that it would be a cyndaquil once hatched, but to his early dismay a small blitzle was born. Early on Caleb decided that this little blitzle would have to work harder to meet his expectations, especially because he had wanted a powerful fire type from the beginning. Blitzle was nicknamed Blitz and so their relationship began. At the age of a year and at level 12, Blitz set off on an adventure with his beloved owner, who he respected deeply. Battle after unrelenting battle Blitz fought obsessively to keep his trainer satisfied and happy.  For 2 years Blitz was Caleb's only pokemon and so all the pressure fell on the tiny Blitzle's shoulders. The pokemon did not mind though, after all it was the world he was born into. Over the next year Caleb had begun to gather new pokemon for his team, his dreams of becoming the best became all the more closer. Blitz was excited as he gained more companions, but his work load never lessened. 

Overtime Blitz had grown rather close to an eevee Caleb had previously added to the team, and during the rare occasions Caleb let his pokemon roam, they became almost inseparable. Life seemed to be leveling out, things going smoothly, the team continuing to beat others in their path. The good times did not last long though, and one night Caleb snapped. A late night battle had turned badly and it seemingly pushed Caleb over the edge. After that night the 19 year old began to train and drill his pokemon hard. His own sister had told him to let up but her words were not heeded. It was then that Blitz began to feel the unrelenting pressure, and most of all he feared for the mental development of his eevee friend, being more young and impressionable than he. Blitz did his best to keep up with is trainer's demands but more and more he suffered from exhaustion and was, on most nights, scolded by his trainer. Day after day he was pinned against stronger fire and rock types, types he was bad against. And each time he had barely won, taking bruises and scratches in the process. One day in particular changed his life forever. A spontaneous battle against an off duty elite four member, Malva, was struck up by a hotheaded Caleb and Blitz paid the price. The younger, lower level electric pokemon was viciously mauled by Malva's Pyroar who used her Fire fang. Digging her fangs into the Blitzle's shoulder flesh she ripped and seared his skin. As soon as it had happened the pokemon had passed out.

What felt like ages he awoke in a pokemon center, alone and abandoned. His body ached and his heart sank, heavy with grief and disappointment for himself. It took the blitzle a full 3 months to recuperate and then he was released into the wild, tattered and broken. His resolve for finding his eevee friend kept him moving onward though, he wouldn't allow his fate to replay for his friend. It took him a long while but by the time he had found Caleb and eevee, Connor, he had already been evolved into a Jolteon, obviously Caleb's plan for replacing him. It took no time at all for the crazed trainer to ditch the Jolteon as well, crushing his pokeball under his shoe before stomping off and leaving the Jolteon alone in the darkened woods. Blitz had been watching for a long while and was there to comfort his friend. Now they were no longer alone.

For a couple years the two wandered Kalos, attempting to make lives for themselves. It was hard to adjust, after having a trainer to sustain them for so long. Over time the two were introduced to the dittech device. Blitz had stolen a couple from some fire pokehumans who struck and tortured abandon pokemon. Once the dittech was in possesion Blitz changed his name to Seth and found a job at the age of 17 at the local pokemart in Lumoise city. Since then he's hung around Lumoise, using teleporter pads at the pokemon center to get around Kalos. At the age of 26 he has established himself as a working poke-adult human.

Only time will tell what mischeif he'll get into again.


[;bulletblack:} He speaks with an australian accent.
{:bulletblue:} Seth is very close to Connor, and he lives with him in both human and pokemon form. The pokeball they each share is not only a momentum to their friendship but a reminder of the trainer that treated them poorly.
{:bulletblack:} Seth may have two dead-end  jobs but he specializes in hacking computer networks. When not creeping on cute girls or sacrificing way too much of his personal life to his two jobs he enjoys finalizing his hacking skills. 
{:bulletblue:} He prefers his job at the CouMarine Inn better to his job as a host. The view and atmosphere of CouMarine Town alone seems to calm him down, so working there and interacting with the locals brings up his outlook. He would move there but with Connor working in Lumoise City as well he would rather not uproot his friend.
{:bulletblack:} Every morning when in pokehuman form, Seth tries to go bike riding to keep his stamina up. He's gotten used to riding his bike with one working hand, and although sometimes he has to stop and gather himself, he pushes onward not allowing his disability to effect what he does.
{:bulletblue:} Seth cannot swim. He has a fear of deep water and because his upper left side of his body tends to betray him he fears drowning. During the summer months when it's beach season he tends to hang around on the sand.
{:bulletblack:} Seth loves the color pink on a girl. He believes it symbolizes innocence and he's definitely a sucker for an innocent girl. Not to say he won't flirt with just about any female, even mama ursa, but he looks specifically for a cute girl.
{:bulletblue:} Seth HATES fire pokemon. He blames his father for allowing him to be given to Caleb, knowing the child's passion was unrealistic. And he hates fire pokemon for ruining his life.
{:bulletblack:} He was once a member of Gang Ursa for two years, being one of Mama Ursa's favorite pain in the butts. But he was offered a better deal at Gang Frou and took it. He's a jerk.
{:bulletblue:} Seth has never met his mother but would one day like to be reunited with her.
{:bulletblack:} Seth loves cuddling!


User info//

Time Zone// Eastern Standard Time
Chat Availability: 
{:bulletgreen:} Chat: I'm not big on using the chatrooms but I am slowly trying to adjust to using them. So I'll most of the time be hanging around in the general chat waiting for someone to role-play with me lol
{:bulletgreen:} Note: I actually sort of prefer note, although its easy for an rp to get lost in my inbox. When you note rp with me please be patient with me lol
{:bulletgreen:} SkypeAlways open for skype rps, just note me and I'll give you my username C:
{:bulletgreen:} Comment: I've never Comment rped but I'd be up for it.

Role-Play Example// 
From an rp in %The-Sacred-Star

The drow woman was neither foolish or blind, she could see the distaste in the human's gaze, the stiffness of his expression as if he had come in contact with some lethal predator. Not that she minded this reaction but she'd rather it from her enemies, not her faction kin, but it was a bittersweet feeling. Once in front of him she motioned with her slender fingers for the man to raise his tattered arm, keeping her expression unreadable now. "I'd have to admit my own beast likes to think he's the dictator in our relationship, but this debate can become heated rather quickly" she let a small smile curl her purple lips, Ventus intentionally releasing steam from his gilled scales as a form of letting everyone know he had heard her words. "It's probably best to show your dragon who is the leader while he's young, I do not forsee that happening though" again she smiled but with a chuckle this time as she finished wrapping the cloth around his arm.  A moment of silence had passed before Valik'Shaa released the man's arm and took the chance to be her usual blunt self, wanting to pry the man of information. He perplexed her in a way, and if anything could catch the drow's attention it was her need for knowledge.

She took one step back and rested her finger on her chin, her expression interested and searching. "I take it you haven't stumbled upon too many...civilized drow over your years. I suppose I can imagine why, my race is one renown for its devilish acts" she said matter-a-factly, still tapping her chin. "Although I can say the same for your race and yet I do not judge you. Humans are rash, reckless, but at the same time brave, impulsive, stupid to their short comings. Weak even. But here you stand, one of the few humans in Vanguard. I can tell you are...different. Maybe not entirely, but you show initiative, yes?" she rambled on, her mind obviously whirling having been starved for true conversation. Her hands rested on her hips, her lips pursed as her eyes rested on his rather beautiful blue stare, holding his gaze.

' are beyond predictable, Val'Ventus's voice echoed into her mind, a hint of amusement in it. She chose to ignore the dragon, mentally noting to scold her later. It was not her fault she was quite fond of blue eyes, these eyes just happened to belong to a human, and humans were seemingly hard to come by and interrogate, especially if the one doing the interrogation was a drow.


Art & Character © *Novaling
Pokemon © Nintendo
PMA © *Novaling & Mods
Restricted for others to use. Do not steal
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I miss this characterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr</3 *huggles Seth* ;w;
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My muse has been MIA for a couple weeks now. Its sad really 
Awww I know the feeling, same thing has been happening with me for a couple weeks as well. It's not only sad, but frustrating and boring too. XD I kinda miss being able to draw and write. But writings been a little easier then drawing. 

I hope whenever you get some time and your muse back, we can continue our RP. I was super excited for it. XD
visiface Dec 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i want our stubborn brats to butt heads. 
They defininetly should some time o u o 
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